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East Meets West Cocktails

The newly revamped ‘East Meets West' menu at The Bar features a collection an expert fusion of classic Western cocktails with Japanese elements. Enjoy the creations of our ever-inventive mixologists along with an extensive selection of tasty foods.
Fermented Cheese fizz

[Seething Bubbles] Fermented Cheese fizz

A delicious sake-based cocktail inspired by the process of rice fermenting in a sake brewery. The drink is exquisitely balanced with a medley of fermented flavors, including cheese and vinegar soy sauce.

Plymouth Gin, Sake, Soy Milk, Balsamic Soy Sauce, Honey, Lemon Syrup, Mascarpone Cheese, Soda
¥ 3,600


[Tea] Pis-abi

The cocktail has a brown rice tea base, which is balanced with a stimulating hit of wasabi, alongside a gentle touch of Pisco, a distilled liquor made from Muscat.

Pisco, Dry Sherry, Brown Rice Tea Cordial, Lime Juice, Wasabi Bitters
¥ 3,600


[Spices] Hajikami

A vodka-based cocktail with grapefruit juice and Japanese pepper syrup, accented with shiso leaves and flowers.

Absolut Vodka, Grapefruit Juice, Sansho Pepper Syrup, Fresh Shiso Leaf
¥ 3,600

[Spices] Nanairo Negroni

[Spices] Nanairo Negroni

Beefeater 24, Campari, Sweet Vermouth, Shichimi Flavored Mirin, Yuzu Bitters
¥ 3,600

Kinako Barrel

[Kanbutsu] Kinako Barrel

The dessert cocktail fuses kinako – roasted soy bean flour often used in traditional Japanese sweets – with a touch of smokiness from the burnt inside of a bourbon barrel.

Bourbon Whiskey, Kinako Honey Syrup, Fresh Cream, Umami Bitters
¥ 3,600

[Kanbutsu] Nanban Sour

[Kanbutsu] Nanban Sour

Port Wine, Wheat Beer Cordial, Umami Bitters, Egg White, Bonito Flakes
¥ 3,600

East meets West Menu

Food Menu

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